We have commented that the Tummy Tuck is a minor surgical method, that is why it is practiced on an outpatient basis, which offers a series of advantages.

Since it is a medical practice with little risk, it is possible to administer local anesthesia and even intravenous sedation. For this reason, the patient can return home on the same day, after having passed 12 hours of recovery.

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The biggest advantage of the Tummy Tuck is that the patient, after three days of the intervention, can return to his job, although, in a highly recommended (almost mandatory), you must use an abdominal belt for at least 21 days.

To be able to practice exercise, you must wait a little longer, depending on the assessment made by the surgeon who took part in the abdominoplasty.

This operation can not be performed on any person, despite being a mild and non-aggressive surgical method; therefore, people who are overweight or have a lot of fat in their body can not benefit from it. The Tummy Tuck is recommended for people with low body fat, that is, those who have not been able to lose fat from the abdomen area with diet or physical exercise, because only a minimum of fat can be removed.

So, if after having done diet and sport you still have a little tummy, do not be discouraged that there is a very simple solution to your abdominal problem. You can wear a beautiful waist with little risk and, best of all, in a very short time.