This side effect is not unique to patients who are operated on gastric sleeve but to any effective bariatric procedure, since what happens is that simply the natural isolation of body fat that they had before the operation no longer exists.

The secondary function of body fat is to be a natural insulator against low temperatures, it prevents the penetration of cold your body as it is a great insulator. So, when you drop all those extra pounds, almost all of these will come from the loss of body fat from both exogenous and endogenous (fat under your skin and fat between your organs).

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What decreases your ability to isolate the cold and you will perceive it as a sensitivity increased at low temperatures How to prevent it? Really the only way to avoid it is to warm yourself well in cold weather, if you think about it it is a situation that is completely worth “suffer” because it is because you will be much healthier (or) with those kilos of less in your body and it is something completely controllable with good layers of clothing.


We have already mentioned this topic previously in other sections of our blog, so we will not delve into it much. We can only suggest that you see it as with the case of the change in the sense of taste.

The fact that your ability to tolerate large amounts of alcohol is diminished is only a very favorable side effect in all aspects, both in the sense of health by not being able to drink a lot of alcohol and by the fact with which Sometimes we joke with our patients