This is one of the most common concerns of the patient who will undergo gastric sleeve surgery or any other bariatric procedure. This is totally understandable because although hair is not vital to our operation, the vast majority of us feel uncomfortable with the idea of losing it.

In the specific case of the gastric sleeve operation, in which there is no alteration in the absorption of the nutrients that the patient ingests, there is no defined medical reason why the patient should lose hair. Despite this we know that a considerable percentage of gastric sleeve patients do lose their hair but in the great majority of cases this is due to the fact that they do not adequately follow the diet and neglect the quality of their diet.

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In general, if the patient is ordered, ingests the recommended vitamins and supplements during the first 12 months, and also ingests quality food, will not lose hair. That post-operated gastric sleeve patient who takes their vitamins and supplements irregularly, that does not give priority to foods high in protein and nutrients and full of junk food in your stomach, is the type of patient who will undoubtedly lose hair to a greater or lesser extent.
A small percentage of patients suffer from hair loss despite following the recommendations but that percentage is very low and temporarily, all come to see an almost total recovery of hair loss.

If you wonder how long hair loss lasts after gastric sleeve surgery, if you are one of the few patients who have this situation, it is likely that after 12 or 18 months your hair is as before the procedure.