The HIFU, or focused ultrasound, can be applied to the face and body, according to the needs of the patient:

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Face: It is made to treat the flaccidity of the skin, especially at the level of the oval of the face, it is called face lift. The HIFU can be performed around the face and neck, dark circles and crow’s feet, upper lip, eyebrow and upper eyelid and neckline. On the face, there are some that are better not treated as the trachea and thyroid area, temples, jaw, and eye area.

Body: In the body, the HIFU is used to treat sagging skin on the arms, thighs and belly, but also to eliminate fat cells and cellulite. This is a complete treatment, since we eliminate fat and act on the skin to tone it. Therefore, this technology avoids an empty skin after removing the fat from the inside. Focused ultrasound acts on all levels for a complete function.

From the first session, the appearance of the skin looks smoother and firmer, the orange peel disappears and the results can be maintained after a while.