Liposuction or liposculpture is a surgery that has as main objective the beautification not only of the abdomen, but of the whole body, removing fat from areas where diet and exercise do not work and increasing it in areas where it may be necessary (such as hips) and buttocks), eye, is not a surgery to lose weight, in fact, in more than 90% of our patients the weight stays the same, what we try to change, is the distribution that has that fat in your body.

Not only do we achieve the best aesthetic results, but we also avoid complications, since by not removing large volumes of fat, you do not decompensate and your recovery is very fast.

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It consists of the extraction of fatty tissue through small incisions (wounds) of less than half a centimeter, in which we introduce cannulas, which are small metal tubes with a hole in the tip, through that hole the fat to be removed is aspirated.

As you should have already heard, there are many types of liposuction, (mechanical, ultrasonic, thermal, laser, VASER, micro air, etc.) which will be a topic for another blog. The principle is the same, and each technique has advantages and disadvantages that in another opportunity I will tell you.


The selection of the patient is very important in this type of surgery. Since only a liposculpture is suggested, they must meet many requirements, among which are:

• Be patients who exercised frequently before getting pregnant.
• Not having gained more than 7-8 kg during their previous pregnancies.
• Have an adequate skin quality (that is, no stretch marks have formed during pregnancy, especially at the level of the abdomen).
• Body mass index less than 24.
• Have less than 40 years, if possible, less than 35 (for the quality and elasticity of the skin, which is lost with age).

As you can see, the requirements to be a good candidate for a liposculpture are more than to perform a tummy tuck, and the reason is simple and logical: If you are looking for an excellent result, with a period of rapid recovery, to return to your physical activity As soon as possible, and with a minimum percentage of complications, we must perform this type of procedure in those patients who do not have to remove more than 4 liters of fat (preferably less than 2 liters) and who also have good elasticity in the skin, since, otherwise, the only thing that we will generate is that the skin will hang completely, causing a bad result.


As the tummy tuck, has many, the most important too, is the effect on your self-esteem. You have always taken care of yourself, you have exercised and we know that after having children, you try to recover the figure you had prior to pregnancy, and we know how complicated it is, in the case of patients like you, we know that the problem is not in that bulge of the lower abdomen, but in the distribution of fat in your body.

During pregnancy, you suffer many hormonal changes that generate an anomalous distribution of it, the loins lower, the hips also and the lower part of the back increases in volume. In addition, there is a greater presence of fat both above and below the navel and at the level of the arms.

Dieting and daily exercise seem not to work in the same way as before having babies. Do not worry, with this surgery we will redistribute that fat once again to obtain the figure you had before your pregnancy. If you meet all these requirements and care, you can return to the gym in a couple of weeks and perform all your activities from the first days of surgery.