Shakira has two children with soccer player Gerard Piqué, and she shows off an extraordinary body thanks to the Mommy Makeover. The change of image of the singer Shakira involves different touch-ups on her body, due to cosmetic surgeries to which she has undergone.

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Beauty stopped in time thanks to surgery

In a journey back in time in the beginning of the singer from the participation in the Colombian director novel Oasis, music videos from her album Pies Descalzos, the participation in the 2010 World Cup in Africa with the song Waka Waka, and her latest video Girl Like Me. The magic of the Mommy makeover stopped the passage of time in her body.

This is how Shakira looks after the delivery of her second child

After the delivery of her second child Shacha Piqué Mebarak, Shakira the Barranquillera singer, taking advantage of her stay at the clinic, performs a Mommy Makeover, this procedure involves different cosmetic surgeries on the body, in this case Shakira underwent a Tummy Tuck reducing excess skin on the abdomen a bit.

Surgery is somewhat expensive but it has taken a lot of force in different countries of the world, for example the case of Shakira we observed in the red carpet, photos, interviews and in her latest video Girl Like Me, along with Black Eyed Peas, a song that included on his eighth album; without any trace of the wear and tear of pregnancy.

Paparazzi and critics of the show behind Shakira’s Mommy Makeover

The media has reported that a Mommy Makeover was performed, focusing on her abdomen. By having this type of surgery, he allowed the paparazzi to speak more than necessary. With the delivery of her second child, Shakira was forced to perform the Mommy Makeover, because her abdomen was flabby, combining them with other touch-ups in other parts of her body.

Shakira in front of the scalpel

Shakira, like the vast majority of celebrities, fitness models, instagramer, tiktokers, youtubers and influencers, is not the only one who is saved from the scalpel. Reliable sources assure that Shakira has undergone four rhinoplasty surgeries, a facelift, mentoplasty (chin reshaping) and liposuction.

The return of the sensual hip movement in SuperBall

Thanks to the Mommy Makeover Shakira has recovered her spectacular figure, the Barranquilla singer along with Jennifer Lopez, another famous mother, singer and actress, debuted with a spectacular show at halftime with the renowned singers of the urban genre Bad Bunny and J Balvin. Highlighting the spectacular beauty of these two women.