During pregnancy and childbirth there are many changes that the body of women usually experience. For decades, many of them have opted to resort to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to recover the silhouette they had before becoming pregnant. However, in recent times the mommy makeover is spoken of as the intervention to which they resort to get it, something that can lead to error, since it is not a specific technique.

We can define the mommy makeover as the tendency to undergo several aesthetic surgical techniques, in a single intervention or in several more or less successive, with the aim of restoring the shape, position and firmness of certain areas of the body of women especially prone to its transformation during the process consisting of pregnancy plus childbirth.

The Mommy Makeover allows, in a single intervention, aesthetic retouching such as tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentation, reduction or elevation, to recover the figure prior to pregnancy.

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The Mommy Makeover is an aesthetic trend that comes from the United States, and that is increasingly demanded by new moms in Spain and other countries. And is that after fulfilling the dream of motherhood all women want to recover as soon as possible the figure they had before becoming pregnant, and this technique allows them, in a single intervention, to correct problems such as sagging skin, distension of the abdominal muscles, excess fat, and increase, reduce, or lift the breasts.

The so-called Mommy Makeover, a term that could be translated as the change of image of the mother, is emerging as a fashion promoted by great international artists who have just become mothers and want to recover the perfection of their body after giving birth. Actually, it is a set of interventions of plastic surgery, three, to be exact- whose purpose is to recover the shape and smoothness of the breasts, a completely flat abdomen and eliminate excess fat, especially in the thighs and abdomen.

There is no doubt that pregnancy takes its toll on the mother’s body: the breasts increase in size to prepare for breastfeeding, the uterus expands incredibly and with it the abdomen and there are many pregnant women who gain more weight from the bill. And after the birth, what? After breastfeeding the breasts lose their smoothness and are more fallen, the uterus regains its normal volume, but the skin of the belly has lost elasticity showing some cavalier fall … or not, if the extra kilos that have been gained in pregnancy they continue in their place.

All this means that after her motherhood many women become obsessed to recover their image and even improve it. Special diets, a lot of exercise, special gymnastics, passive gymnastics, cosmetic treatments, etc. Everything goes to achieve the goal. Nade of it is harmful to health and even some of these initiatives bring clear benefits, such as healthy eating and regular exercise. The problem is that the process is slow and does not always yield the desired results.


The procedure consists of a series of procedures and interventions that are performed after the pregnancy. The following are common:

  • Mammoplasty: it consists of lifting the fallen breast after pregnancy and breastfeeding inorder to recover its normal shape or failing to increase the size of the breast that fills the volume of excess skin.
  • Abdominoplasty: its main objective is to get the patient’s abdomen recover its normal firmness by eliminating pockets of fat, excess skin and tensing muscles thanks to a small incision in the pubic bone.
  • Liposuction and liposculpture: the excess fat is eliminated with liposuction, and the outline and initial silhouette is recovered with liposculpture.

The Mommy Makeover offers a radical solution but is not exempt from the risks involved in any of the procedures described.


The chest, abdomen and legs are among those areas in which expectant mothers experience the most obvious changes during pregnancy and lactation:

  • Abdomen: The abdominal muscles suffer great distension during pregnancy, such that, sometimes, small hernias can occur. This separation of these muscles causes a domed abdomen to remain, which is not recovered with abdominal exercises. There may also be, after giving birth, an excess of skin and fat in the lower abdomen.
  • Chest: There are changes in the volume of fat and glandular tissue, which, together with flaccidity, often results in the fall of the chest. It also usually changes the shape of the areola and nipple.
  • Legs: The weight gain during the whole process usually causes cellulite and accumulation of fat in localized areas of the legs and adjacent, such as the hips, thighs and buttocks.

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The mommy makeover can be performed from six months after giving birth onwards, depending on the weight that the woman has gained during pregnancy, as well as the quality of her skin.

This treatment is carried out since it offers an effective and fast solution to the aesthetic problems generated by pregnancy, but which entails risks inherent to a surgical procedure.


After a physical examination, the surgeon will show the bodily areas that can be modified with a mommy makeover. In turn, the surgeon and his team will need to know all the diseases that the patient may have, as well as allergies to possible medications, previous operations, consumption habits … Therefore, it will be necessary to also perform a preoperative examination to evaluate the blood chemistry or the cardiovascular state, among other things.


The postoperative period of the mommy makeover will vary depending on the combination of procedures carried out in the mommy makeover. As a general rule, the patient must be hospitalized for at least 24 hours and analgesics will be administered during the first 72 hours.

You must use a compressive belt for the first four weeks, while you can perform postoperative massage.

The patient will return home with a series of bruises that will make the first few days difficult for her, although she will gradually feel better.


The mommy makeover is a procedure that is becoming increasingly popular within the world of aesthetics, thanks to the fact that it consists of recovering the figure of the woman after having gone through one or more pregnancies. This type of intervention is based on three main surgical procedures that are mammoplasty, abdominoplasty and liposculpture. The mommy makeover brings multiple benefits in the appearance of the woman, restoring her security both physically and personally.


  • 1-8 hours Anesthesia
  • Local with sedation Hospitalization
  • 24 hours Recovery
  • 1-2 weeks Effects
  • 6 months Results
  • Durable


  • Initial assessment
  • Operation
  • Medicine
  • Post-surgical girdle
  • Reviews


  • Improves the patient’s self-esteem
  • Recovers the figure of moms
  • Eliminates abdominal fat
  • Elevates breasts and ends with flaccidity
  • Natural results


The results arenot fully noticed until after six months. With regard to complications, thereis a risk of infection, hemorrhages, scarring problems, asymmetry, etc.