BLEPHAROPLASTY. Commonly known as eyelid surgery. With it, the bags of fat present in the lower eyelids are corrected, the excess of skin present in the upper eyelids or the fatty tissue accumulated around the eyes. It is requested by both men and women from the age of 40, since it rejuvenates the face.

CANTHOPEXY. It is a technique used to almond the shape of the eye and avoids a drooping position of the lower eyelid – something that happens with age – and avoids rounded features on the face, which convey an expression of sadness and add age. It is applied in the angle of the eye and raises its outer commissure.

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BREAST SURGERY. The increases and reductions in the area are one of the most requested operations according to studies carried out by the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPRE), breast augmentation has replaced the liposuction as the most demanded intervention. Women who are self-conscious because of the size of their breasts are subjected to it, either by excess or lack.

CLITORIPLASTY. The aesthetic interventions in genitalia increase considerably, and mainly the demand for it grows. It is about improving an overly large clitoris by restoring its standard size with a simple operation that respects its full sensitivity.

FACELIFT. It consists of replacing the fat and the muscles of the face that move downwards with the passage of time due to gravity and aging, at the same time that the skin is repositioned and stretched. It is done to reduce skin flaccidity, so it is recommenced to perform it from 45 or 50 years, and can be complete, inferior, medium or superior.

LIPOSUCTION. It consists in reducing the localized fat that has accumulated in excess in an area of the body, generally in the buttocks, thighs, hips or abdomen, although this type of interventions is also requested in the arms and calves.

MASTOPEXY. It is the surgery that elevates the breast. It is usually requested by women who have seen their breast shape altered by pregnancy, the stage of breastfeeding or natural aging, which are the most common causes.

OTOPLASTY. Until a few years ago, having your ears widely separated was a problem. The otoplasty arrived to solve it, because it is the surgery in charge of ending this complex thanks to a simple intervention in which they are repositioned.

CHEILOPLASTY. It is the common procedure for lip augmentation, which is usually done for aesthetics. The most important thing is to find the ideal balance for the result to be natural, in addition to using suitable materials for the filling.

FILLING WITH AUTOLOGOUS FAT. This intervention consists in injecting own fat extracted from a part of the patient’s body – from which one may want to reduce or not volume – in the area that is intended to increase.

RHINOPLASTY. Although many interventions in the nasal area are performed because of real health problems, the reason that leads women to undergo surgery and treat this part of the face is aesthetic. With it is possible to reduce or increase the size of the nasal piece, in addition to lifting it, or giving it the desired shape.