The recovery time in each patient will depend on the type of surgery performed. Each procedure has a different technique, duration and complexity. The duration of rest and complete recovery also varies according to each intervention.

It is important to talk with your doctor about the time of rest, the care of the wounds and to go to the post-operative consultations for the time that is required by the specialist. The patient will receive analgesic or sedative medicine for pain. If the patient still feels moderate or intense pain despite the indicated medicines, it will be important to consult with the doctor. It is essential to emphasize that some procedures will require more than one operation to achieve the desired medical result.

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In the case of breast reconstruction surgery, your doctor may indicate physical therapy.

This will help to recover strength faster and have more security to perform daily activities.

In other cases, such as surgeries involving the head and neck, alternate measures must be taken to keep the patient hydrated and nourished since the ability to chew and swallow is most likely compromised. In these cases you can indicate a diet based on liquid, soft or in extreme cases use nasogastric tubes and / or intravenous hydration.

In the case of burned patients, it is very possible that, according to the severity and extent of the injury, the recovery is programmed in several stages of surgical intervention. That is, several skin cures, surgeries and grafts. It is a long and painful process in which doctors work very closely with proper pain management. In addition, affected limbs, whether arms, legs or other parts of the body should be submitted to physiotherapy to not lose their mobility and muscle strength. In extensive burns, feeding is very important, some patients will require supplements and extra calories that will help a better recovery.