How to prevent varicose veins

It is important to emphasize that treatment alone is not effective if it is not accompanied by the adoption of preventive measures, such as leading a healthy and less sedentary life.
As in most cases, the best way to prevent varicose veins is to adopt a balanced diet, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.

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Some recommendations may include:

Sit and lie down with your legs up Avoid sitting or standing for a long time Do not wear high heels every day Do not take the contraceptive pill

Risks after treatment

As with any procedure, some complications may occur, although they are not very common. It must be taken into account that it will depend on the method chosen by the professional. Among the most normal complications are:

• Bruises
• Temporary spots
• Blood clots
• Swelling
• Ulcers
• Inflammation
• Bruises
• Burns
• Changes in skin color