The intervention is performed under local anesthesia or sedation and lasts between 1 and 3 hours, depending on each case.

It is a simple procedure in which the surgeon makes small incisions in the area where you want to work, introducing thin cannulae that will inject a saline solution to dissolve the fat clusters of adipose tissue.

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The heat of the diode laser has a power of between 2500 and 3500 joules, which allows breaking the membranes of fat cells and thus dissolve triglycerides that can be aspirated (through liposuction) or expelled naturally by the system lymphatic and excretory. The number of sessions will depend on each patient and usually require two sessions during a month, to achieve the expected results.

Preparation for intervention

It is important that the patient begins to develop healthy habits before surgery such as following a balanced diet and a daily exercise routine, as they will allow you to achieve more successful and lasting results.

Whenever possible, this diet and exercises should last after the intervention to achieve lasting effects, since laser lipolysis, as well as other interventions to lose fat, ensure definitive and long-term results.