The patient puts on boots or sleeves on the legs and arms that are inflated by pressing the area of the body to be treated. The patient does not feel pain, just notice a small pressure and a massage. The pressure exerted by the device allows to reactivate the circulation and the lymphatic system, improving the appearance of the skin and controlling cellulite.

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The pressotherapy is a technique designed to increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow improving the elimination of extracellular fluid and improving the problems of swelling, inflammation and fatigue in the legs. Another benefit of this treatment is the integral oxygenation of the body.

In addition to being used for a cosmetic purpose, the pressure therapy can also serve to treat certain clinical conditions such as poor blood circulation, hypertension and diabetes and varicose veins.

The pressotherapy can be an adequate complement to light physical activity and a diet low in sodium and fat.

After the pressotherapy, we must perform sports periodically and maintain a balanced diet avoiding alcohol, salt and fat in abundance. The taking of liquids such as water will help the treatment and your own health.