This procedure is done to reconstruct the breasts of women who have had a mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast) after breast cancer or to prevent it. This type of intervention is particularly invasive from an aesthetic point of view, so many women decide to undergo reconstructive surgery to restore the normal appearance of their chest.

The techniques available for this type of intervention are different, sometimes it is advisable to use silicone implants, other times it is possible to use autologous tissues or taken from other areas of the body such as abdomen or dorsal, in other cases it is still possible to resort to both techniques used in association. The breast reconstruction techniques are mainly three:

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Late reconstruction, reconstructive action begins after breast removal surgery. A breast expander is inserted to stretch the tissues until the insertion of a definitive prosthesis is possible.

In delayed reconstruction, the expander is already inserted during sinus extraction to reduce the waiting time for prosthesis insertion.

Immediate reconstruction, the gel or silicone prosthesis is inserted immediately, without going through the expansion process. This intervention is possible only in cases where adequate amounts of skin are available.

The reconstruction of the areola and nipple occurs later with a second intervention of shorter duration, so it is also possible to resort to a permanent 3D tattoo.

The doctor will help you clarify your doubts about this technique and choose the most appropriate intervention for your needs.