Reconstructive surgery has made great progress, realizing masterpieces that restore confidence to patients who can finally rebuild a severely damaged body part. It is important to know that it is always possible to find aesthetic solutions to solve or improve the appearance of malformations or important physical defects, either by cancer, an accident or if they are the result of previous surgery.

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Reconstructive surgery is a branch of medicine that deals with correcting different areas of the body that have been affected by a birth defect, sequelae of accident, tumor or any disease that has caused a deformation. The main objective of this type of procedure seeks to recover the aesthetic aspect, as well as recover function and shape of any part of the affected body. Its demand has increased in recent years. According to the Spanish Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in Spain, of 64% of women who undergo a breast resection or mastectomy, 30% of them opt for a posterior reconstruction surgery, and their demand continues to grow. In the case of newborns, 3% of children are born with some type of deformation for which they must undergo imminent or optional repair surgeries.

The Mayo Clinic mentions the following procedures that are possible to perform.

• Breast reconstruction after cancer
• Birth defects
• Repair of cleft lip and cleft palate
• Craniofacial deformities
• Hand surgery
• Reconstruction of head and neck after cancer
• Maxillofacial Surgery
• Microvascular surgery
• Repair of postoperative defects
• Repair of post-traumatic defects
• Extirpation and reconstruction in skin cancer

Next we are going to make a brief summary about the most commonly performed procedures.