The changes begin to appear after 15 days, but it will take 3 months to appreciate the final results since the destroyed fat is eliminated progressively over 90 days. According to professionals, cryolipolysis reduces the accumulation of treated fat between 20% and 50%.

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Depending on the area to be treated, between 2 and 3 sessions will be necessary, spaced 3 weeks apart to permanently eliminate the love handles.
Some people have adipocytes that are more resistant to cold, and the results will be less convincing. However, if you follow your doctor’s instructions, the results will be visible and satisfactory.

Keep in mind that cryolipolysis is a non-invasive method of aesthetic medicine, it does not replace liposuction.

Maintenance of the result

Naturally, it is important to accompany the cryolipolysis of a healthy diet and physical activity to obtain better results. Avoid eating too much fat, sugar or salt and practice sports activity in the days after treatment, but also afterwards to maintain the results.


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