The treatment is painless and lasts in 30 and 60 minutes depending on the number of areas to be treated. The specialists of Forma y Linea Murcia tell us what the cryolipolysis session looks like:

To begin with, the professional will perform an analysis of the body composition to calculate the density of the adipose tissue of the selected area with a pleximeter. Afterwards, the area to be treated will be marked and the patient will lie down on the stretcher to be as comfortable as possible.

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Then the operator will place the head in the area to be treated so a slight suction will be made since the skin will be in contact with the cooling plates.

When in contact with the plates, the skin will cool and the patient will notice a slight sensation of localized cold, which at no time will be annoying.

The cooling process lasts 30 minutes for each treated area. Being a painless and pleasant treatment, the patient can be relaxed during that time or even read.

Once the session is over, the treated area will be slightly reddening during the following minutes or hours. The patient may also notice a small tingling or numbness in the area. In any case, you can rejoin your daily life immediately.

Not all doctors use the same technique; everything depends on the type and brand of the machine that your specialist will use. Trust your doctor, even if the technique used is slightly different from the one described