This situation is much less common than the one mentioned above, but even so it is sometimes seen as a side effect after the gastric sleeve operation.

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This event does not have a clear scientific explanation, it just happens. There are patients who after the procedure perceive a change in the taste of certain foods as well as their tolerance to the smell of these.

The good news of this is that these changes are favorable in the sense that their perception of what they previously considered “sweet” now they perceive as “too sweet” or the same with “salty”.

Seeing it from the perspective of health and a healthy diet, well what better than that sweet and high-calorie that you like after surgery do not want to ingest it because it will taste too sweet. Or what is salty, which is high in sodium and unhealthy, you also prefer to avoid it.

Regarding this side effect there is no concrete way to prevent it, however this fact plays in your favor.