Lipofilling or lipotransference of fat was born as part of cosmetic surgery to shape and fill areas of the body with the patient’s own fat.

Today and thanks to technological advances this technique is increasingly used by reconstructive surgery for patients who have undergone a mastectomy through breast reconstruction, or craniofacial reconstruction, in addition to bodily malformations, whether congenital, due to oncological factors or trauma.

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It is also used as a way to give volume avoiding aesthetic surgeries such as in the case of body fillings or breast augmentation, being able to eliminate fat from an area that has an excess and filling another one that needs it without the need for implants.

Lipotransference is a surgery that involves the removal of fatty tissue from a certain area of the body, through a puncture which is then implanted in another part of the body for reconstructive or aesthetic needs.

“Thanks to the fact that the extracted fat comes from the same patient (autologous fat), the perfect conditions for cell regeneration are given. This allows the patient to avoid allergies, infections or rejection by the immune system “, highlight the specialists of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPE)