The results of the HIFU are not visible at the moment, they are usually visible from the second or third month and will last approximately 2 years. Here’s how they work on the face and body:

Flaccidity of the skin: we will achieve a rejuvenation of the treated area, more firmness and less wrinkles. The final result depends on factors such as age, metabolism, the subsequent care. As a general rule, we can start to see results from the month or month and a half and the final results can be seen around 3 months.

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Volume: we managed to reduce 1 size on average. The result depends on metabolic factors, age and the commitment of the patient to perform certain guidelines that we indicate. As a general rule, the results begin to be visible on the 3rd or 4th week and the final results can be obtained after 2 months or even continue seeing results beyond 3 months.

Complications and risks

Complications are extremely rare. You may leave the office with redness and swelling, but they will disappear quickly. Thyroid or neurological injuries can occur, even if they are exceptional, and stem mainly from inappropriate treatment. Therefore, it is important to have a qualified and experienced doctor before submitting to this treatment.