The Tummy Tuck is a surgical procedure performed in the lower abdomen area, that is, a partial abdominoplasty. This intervention is also called mini-tummy tuck, since it is milder and much less complex than the classic intervention in which a navel transposition is performed. This surgery is less aggressive since it lasts approximately two hours, taking minimal risks thanks to a specialized professional.

Before practicing the Tummy Tuck, doctors advise dieting and physical exercise for a season, in order to reduce the amount of fat to be removed and be able to correct the resulting flaccidity in a more satisfactory way. It is also highly recommended, especially for safety, to perform all exams and previous studies that are necessary.
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The intervention

What the Tummy Tuck does concretely is an extirpation of the skin of about 15 centimeters, in the shape of an ellipse, and of the fat that is located in the lower abdomen. Then the fascia of the muscles of the abdomen is saturated from the navel to the pubis, also performing a liposuction; This can reach the flanks to tighten the waist.

After the intervention, there is a horizontal scar on the pubis, like that of a cesarean section. This will gradually improve during the following 12 months if used, for recovery, silicone patches applied on the scar.

What are the results of the Tummy Tuck?

The fundamental thing that any person who wants to undergo a tummy tuck wants to know is when they can see immediate results. The normal thing after the Tummy Tuck is to see a first improvement from 21 days after the intervention. After three months, after the swelling has subsided, you can see the final results.