It is a surgical procedure that regulates the appetite, intake and absorption of food.

Depending on the type of technique used, it is classified as:


The stomach is sectioned and the proximal intestine is joined, leaving part of this without absorption. Currently, it is performed laparoscopically and requires a short period of hospitalization.


Vertical section of the stomach that reduces its content, which allows you to feed on small quantities without altering the intestinal transit.


Consists of the installation of a balloon in the stomach that reduces its space. It is a transient procedure and is indicated in people who require a small weight loss.


It is performed exceptionally in patients who did not obtain the expected results in a first intervention or who did not achieve the weight loss they required. It consists of a second operation to make your treatment more efficient and achieve substantive low weight. Those who underwent gastric sleeve surgery and have reflux or other complications, or patients with bypass who, in very special cases, are evaluated to see the possibility of submitting them to another revision surgery, may also undergo a revision.

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Tubular or vertical gastrectomy

The gastric sleeve or vertical gastrectomy is a laparoscopic operation with which we reduce the volume of the stomach by removing 80% of it.

This surgery does not alter the continuity of the digestive tract and has no side effects on the absorption of nutrients and vitamins from the ingested food.

With the gastric sleeve we achieve two objectives:

  • Decrease the volume of your stomach, with immediate consequences in weight loss. After the operation you will feel satisfied with the intake of small amounts of food, as your stomach will fill quickly.
  • Therefore, eating less, you get, with a normal physical activity, easily consume all the energy of the food you take throughout the day.
  • Decrease the production of ghrelin, a hormone that you produce in the bottom of the stomach and whose main function is to stimulate the appetite. In the operation we remove the bottom of the stomach and, therefore, most of the ghrelin disappears as well. The effect is very fast and after surgery you will noticeably decrease your appetite. This will facilitate the follow-up of the postoperative diets and will improve or make disappear the suffer with obesity or overweight